Weather Permitting Her Mother Picked Me Flowers Cosmic Cancer

Drowning We Meet In Mid-Air
I Want My Death To Be Beautiful Necklace Papillon
Angie's Bricks She Overwhelms Me We Are Shells
Fad Sucker Nameless I Have No Song
Spiritual Recharging Pinkmen Playground
Seeing The World Through My Eyes Back To The River Little Bird
England Is Sinking Colour Poem
(Stones & Shells for Angie)
Anchor Home Is... (a piecework) Tickle
Hush Little Soldier Toys - A Poem (Innocence) La Vie Est Belle
Inconsistencies Law & Order Broken
For Bad People Just Don't Games's End
Croissant Wicked Lies I Think I Love You
Ring Sunset Naughty Daddy
Sad Suite I
Three Beds
Sad Suite II
Sad Suite III
Trying To Fly
Election Night Islands She Feeds The Ducks
A Cat Adopted Me Today The View Is Not Beautiful Worry Beads
But I Thought Dreamhouse Jumping Jack
Stranded (notes on a postcard) Natural Phenomena The Runner




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