I Have No Song

Were I a guitar
I would strum you a melody
Plucking at my poor beard
With a dirty thumbnail
Stroking the strings
Tapping a tune
So you'd know...

Then if I were a drum
I'd beat my hollow stomach
With the pride of a soldier
Calling the troops to worship
The wonder in your eyes...

And if a flute were I, I'd float
On the lightest of unseen breezes
From your sweet breath
Letting you play me
Lips teasing lullabies
Out of my empty shell...

But I have no song
I am rendered mute
No music fills my soul
Thin wires hang lifeless
This drum skin is torn
My air holes are blocked up with ire

If I were an orchestra
What worlds I'd show you
Such symphonies we'd share

But all I can offer
Is cacophony
And discordant
Dissonant thoughts




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