Colour Poem

(Stones & Shells for Angie)

In Your Hands

Look at this red one-
Do you think
He was a baby,
Tickled pink?

This one's translucent,
Misty white-
Like melting ice,
On muggy nights.

Now yellow grabs
Your darting gaze,
A slender stone,
Banana haze.

Like precious fruit
You beckon in
This thirsty traveller,
Orange sin.

And here's a bluey,
Of blinding lights
And burning eyes.

A stone as black
As this, I fear,
Can only mean
That night is near.

Green as the ocean
Bed at rest,
Your glinting hints
Betray your nest.

While purple passion,
Ocean lust...
Devour my dreams:
They turn to dust.




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