Wicked Lies

Electrons hover
In animation
Frozen science
Somewhere between
My eyes and my
Computer screen

I've just received
A message
From her
She says she loves me
Does she though?

And what is love
My friend?
A changeling thing
A curse
On all who walked
Or ran on beaches
Shifting sands
Or surfed
On life's weak wave

And who are you
My phantom wife
My ghost
So virtually real
I feel your lips
Your tongue
Your fingertips
Across the depths
Of oceans wild
A byte-borne child

A face unknown
Foreign aroma
Virgin smile
So tell me not
I'm yours
You know it's
Heresy, a joke
A cruel chimera
Vicious lie
A placebo
To please but
You just tease
You bitch

Wicked witch
You pitch me left
And right up
To the gates
Of hell and back
You drag me through
The mud and filth
Of life's rich
Tapestry of hurt
And grime

You wring me out
You sap my juice
Like olive oil
Like poison
Venom's vengeance
Coils and riles me
Mystifies me
Until unbidden
My hidden angel
Comes to leave
That very self-same day

But hey
We all must know
Angels hiding
Under tousled locks
Are warning signs
To be avoided
At all cost lest
Hearts become
Hopelessly lost
And tangled in
Their sly enchanting
Siren's song




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