Angie's Bricks

Angie's bricks are tumbling
Smitten pathetic
From her well-placed swipe
Inevitable outcome
Of her singular concentration
Studying his efforts, futile
Patiently, with that barely concealed
Three year-old smirk
Delicious anticipation
Of what is to come

Then it's all too much
She can't wait any longer
And Daddy's careful creation
Laboured over
For three long minutes
And many attacks
Which required him
To protect his towers
And turrets from harm
And shield from the blows
His bridges and damns
From mischievous little hands

Is wiped out, obliterated
His Acropolis crumbling
The temples in ruins
And he reacts appropriately
And she collapses
Into gallons of giggles
And remembers what it means
To have a daddy again

And he smiles softly
And pulls her close
And wonders
At his last three minutes
Of life, his efforts
Laid low by a woman's hand
And the lessons to be learned
Is she practising?



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