The Runner

Pounding soggy concrete
Into dripping dust
Under jackhammer pumps
My thighs
Clear yawning clawing
Chasms lurking between
Each paving stone

With an easy leap, I laugh
Alone, I am reborn
Invincible, the rain soothes me
Balms me, bathes me
Cleansing, nothing
Can stop me now

Cars are plasticine
Weak shells
I crush them
My arms
Are pivots, pistons
Brushing aside

Sly branches, hounds
Baying for blood
Straining to scar
My eyes
Are beacons, infra-red
Searching to place

My next footfall
Smashes into puddles
Spraying primal need
Latent desire stirs

Leaves churning vortices
Of want pounding
My aching chest
Pulsing, pulsing
Cardiac rhythms
Arrest, for me
My movement
Crows fly in slow-mo

Backwards, reliving
Well travelled
Routes are swelling
Streams from ungrateful
Gutters, forded
My mind
Forged and trodden
Into meandering
Shapes of meaning
Expurged of missing
Meaning I miss you
And so I run




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