Election Night


It's election week
And for many days now
The hopeful candidates
Have been making signs
Using modern technology
Sending out messages
Along the cutting wires
Quoting undeniable facts
Across oceans of bobbing heads
And pleading for support
The circus is in town

It's election day
And the people are streaming
To the polls
As the hopeful make
Their last promises
Update their manifestos
And sell their souls
For an 'x' on a voting slip
And the children laugh at the clown

It's election night
And the results are almost in
The weary runners lay down
Their brightly coloured banners
Among the empty drinks cans
And tattered 'vote for me' flyers
The outcome doesn't look good
There's been a significant swing
To the wrong
And the usually cheerful joker
Replaces his smile with a frown




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