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Virginia and James from Sydney, Australia (2011):

What struck us most about the tour is that you take a very interesting and personal approach to photography; each photo taken should be unique to that person and not just a postcard snap.

You showed us how important it is to be aware of the different lines and shapes and how they interact with each other. Also, to bring up a feeling, an emotion, through the composition of the piece.

The lighting and weather should not be seen as an impediment to photography, but merely one of the elements to take into account when setting up the camera to capture the subject and mood of the scene. The more you take into account, the greater the chance of getting good photographs.

Au revoir until we see you again in Paris (or Sydney).

Peter from Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia (2010):

Of all the places I visited and the opportunities I had to see and be involved with photography during my three months in Europe the day I spent with “ Paris Set Me Free” was a major highlight.

In particular I liked the chance to go to places that were not frequented by tourists and of more importance the chance to take images similar to my preferred style. Sab had done his “homework” prior to the lesson to understand my image genre.

I could not have wished for anything more and even thought later that I should have extended my time in Paris and done a further tour.

I also liked how Sab was able to give hints and suggestions and showed his images, that way you could determine if the photo could be improved in some way.

Jane from Rhode Island, USA (2010):

I had a great time on the trip and I learned a lot. To begin with, I am much more comfortable with my equipment and use it more effectively. I also look at things differently now…especially small things that did not attract me before…and then look at it in relation to other things around it.

I learned to zoom in to narrow my view instead of always looking at everything as a grand scene…although I still love doing that too.

Sab validated the fact that I am allowed to (should) take A LOT of shots of something so that I can find the right image…something that drives my family insane.

I also learned a lot about Paris from Sab…stories about people and places and how to respond to those people and places. I have not been in Paris for 35 years so it was a fascinating, and well-worthwhile 4 hour journey. Thanks Sab!

William & Jessica from Belfast, Northern Ireland (2010):

Got some great photographs, memories and inspiration. Sab gave us patience and technical suggestion.   Paris Photo Tours ~ Index

Jessica is 12 and was very comfortable with the Instruction and Sab geared the experience to our needs exactly.

He gave us useful tips about getting around Paris and guided us to the Louvre. I heartily recommend Sab's tour.


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