Selected Testimonials ~ 2007

Selected Testimonials ~ 2007

Frank from Philadelphia, USA:

"I took the Montmartre Paris tour in November 07, and had a great time. It was just me and Sab so he had a lot of time to help me compose my shot and explain the area and its history. We had similar Nikon cameras so he also showed me a few tricks on how to use some of its features which I have never used before."

"Its amazing how quickly Sab could find an interesting angle or subject to take pictures of where I would have never even noticed it. I was so glad I found his tour when I was booking my Paris trip."

"If you like to travel and like to take pictures, I feel its so important to know how to take a good photograph no matter what type of camera you have. Thanks Sab!"

Jason from Phoenix, Arizona, USA:

"Unbelievable! A single day that I will never forget! Highly, highly recommended!

"My study was in Italy actually. But I  arranged a long layover in Paris as I really wanted to include her. When I had discovered that I was the only person on Sab's tour for that evening, I told him a bit about myself and asked if he could redirect the tour to whatever he thought I may be interested in seeing/photographing.

"WOW, did that work out nicely! Sab turned out to be brilliant and very accommodating. He put so much more into the tour than was even required. Those who see the photos here at home have a hard time believing that this was all done in one day. Then I tell them the tour didn't start until 4pm and they surely think I'm telling stories! If you have an opportunity to extend/customize your photo tour, I highly recommend it. Sab makes a point in showing you how to really 'see', not just photograph. If you can't see the shot, you can't get the shot. Therefore, you begin to see things that you would have never normally given a second look. Sab helps you to view things as an artist, but the 'postcard' shots are still available if you want to shoot like that as well.

"Next tip - Do this first BEFORE you vacation begins. I went to many other towns in Italy after my experience with Sab. I would have never taken the kind of photos I did if I had not had the lessons. In fact, there were many places (churches) that didn't allow photos. Yet I was still looking at things as a photographer. It was commented many times by my group that I pointed out things that they just passed right up. One person began to consistently ask me, 'what do you see here?'.

"Now as I am home, my photos are amazing me every time I look at them. Book quality... I mean sell-able! This single trip with Sab has truly changed my life as an artist as my 'eye' has not stopped and I plan to continue to improve as I see such an importance in doing this for my own creative growth. For you can't paint it if you can't 'see' it."

Joanna from Toronto, Canada:

"Just took a peek through some of your blogs and am reminded of what a fabulous photographer you are!  Thanks for posting so many great & inspirational pictures online... it's so great to be able to see the work you're doing!

"I recognized 2 photos on the blog that I think you took on our tour in Montmartre (kind of cool!)  I guess your camera must have been working at the beginning of the tour! (The pics from mid Sept are the ones I recognize).

"Anyway... just stopped by to say hello & encourage you in your art and your work - amazing!"

Marsha from New York, USA:

"Sab, the tour was an inspiring learning experience with guidance not only on wonderful 'things' to take photos of, but different ways to approach a particular photo to make it different from a 'front on' shot.  (Also, help with my camera and terminology.) 

"As we discussed, perhaps art can't be taught, but it can be unleashed!  I'm looking forward to having another session."


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