Selected Testimonials ~ 2008

Stephanie from Bristol, UK:

When I first contacted Sab I had a plan to spend a week in Paris wandering round, experiencing the beauty of Paris, and taking some great photos with my new camera which I didn’t really know how to use.  However, as soon as I got in contact, the week became something very special.

Having seen Sab’s inspirational website, I contacted him about a custom made photography tour/course. He put together a fantastic ‘package’ of individual lessons for me, scheduled over the week.  Sab had planned the schedule really carefully, based around the areas that I had said I was interested in.  I met with Sab each day, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening for night photography, sometimes for the whole day, and sometimes just for a few hours.   Around the lessons I was able to explore Paris and take photos on my own, and Sab always gave me great suggestions for places to go, and also suggestions for areas to focus on.  We then reviewed what I had done at our lesson the following day.

From the moment I met up with Sab, on a rainy Sunday morning at St Michel Fountain, he made photography exciting and fun.   I was pretty much a beginner to photography, and was scared of being creative with the camera.  Sab has an energetic and fun approach to teaching.  As we wandered around the city, Sab had endless creative ideas of how to get great shots.  Very quickly he helped me to find the shots myself.

I took hundreds of wonderful shots with Sab, but he helped me to create a digital Paris Album, and to select the best shots to keep in it.  He also spent a lot of time helping me to master the basics in digital editing, which has improved my final images dramatically.   Since I’ve been home, my family and friends have been amazed at the photos in my album.  Before I left, I had never taken anything that I was happy to show people, and after my week with Sab I have an album of shots that I am really proud of.

When I planned my trip to Paris, I had hoped that I would return a better photographer, and I certainly have.  However, what I hadn’t expected, was that I’d have such an enjoyable week in Sab’s company.  Sab is a very talented artist with an infectious passion for Paris.  I felt very lucky to be sharing in his inspiration in the city that he loves.

Thank you so much Sab for a wonderful week!

Sue & Gordon from Australia:

“I do feel bad not getting back to you earlier to thank you as both Gordon and I had a great time with you on your Latin Quarter Curios tour. We found it a fantastic introduction, not only to taking much better photos, and seeing things we may not normally notice, but also to Paris itself. You helped us to feel more confident using our cameras while showing us the beauty of Paris. And to top it off we now have some terrific photos of Paris that we certainly wouldn't have if not for your help!

The holiday seems like ages ago but it has whet our appetites for more, we just need the economy to spring back!

Dirk from Beeskow, Germany:

The tour with you was absolutely great. I think we had a lot of fun together. I could take home a lot of suggestions and experiences. You have shown me nice, quiet places in Paris outside the touristical mainstream.

I have visited often you homepage. It is nice, I like it. But I need a little bit more time to look at and to read everything.

It was very important for me to change our experiences concerning photography. Once again: Thank you very much for all.

I would like to do the next photo tour with you in Beeskow !!!

Maureen from Wexford, Pennsylvania, USA:

“Sab is a traveler, a writer, a poet, a painter, a photographer, a man with several lives and loving his current one deep in the state of helping others capture images of what he loves – the Paris scene. Indeed, he made the scene and reinvented it for us.”

“He is full of playfulness and insight, novel perspectives and quirky charm.”

“Why is it that travel magazines, lavish with tips and sumptuous photographs leave us so empty? Because they are gauzy tributes to the faux magic and trying so hard to be sincere. Instead, traipse around with Sab for a couple of hours, hear about his life, go to a local bookstore, which is clearly a hangout for him, hear him chat with a friend, meet a dog and throw a ball, sneak into a courtyard surrounded by dance studios with a belly dancer learning to isolate her top from her bottom and hear him talk about his own dance class attempt that no doubt had him smiling with glee.”

“When you are either too nervous to hold the camera to your face because the lens gets in the way of the beauty or when you are swamped with the emotion of a war monument, Sab is a thoughtful guide – helping you make sense of what you witness.”

“And finally, thank you. Wish I could just ring you, say I’d meet you at the bookstore and head out for gunpowder tea then a romp through the modern art.

Teresa from Levittown (Long Island), New York, USA:

"As an amateur photographer who has been to Paris 3 times prior I wanted to see the less "famous" details of the city.  Sab took me to just such places where I was able to capture my kind of images and incorporate his insightful suggestions.  Because of that, my pictures have a new clarity of vision for me and hopefully the viewer."

"I also have to thank him for giving me tips on the usage of some of the bells and whistles of my camera that I had no prior experience with...using them now I am able to take better technical and artistic shots."

"The tour was a perfect balance of photographic "event", history lesson, comfortable stroll with a new friend, and seeing photography and Paris with new eyes.  Thank you Sab, for the highlight of my trip!"

David from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK:

"Great day out made even better for just being the two of us – Sab pointed out ideas and angles that might have passed me by otherwise.  The day was aided by great weather / sun / shadows which added to the outing and quality of the shots taken.

Great knowledge of the areas walked – (Montmartre).  I returned the next afternoon and took more but with the benefit of the previous day.  Highly recommended."

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