Selected Testimonials ~ 2010

Peter from Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia:

Of all the places I visited and the opportunities I had to see and be involved with photography during my three months in Europe the day I spent with “ Paris Set Me Free” was a major highlight.

In particular I liked the chance to go to places that were not frequented by tourists and of more importance the chance to take images similar to my preferred style. Sab had done his “homework” prior to the lesson to understand my image genre.

I could not have wished for anything more and even thought later that I should have extended my time in Paris and done a further tour.

I also liked how Sab was able to give hints and suggestions and showed his images, that way you could determine if the photo could be improved in some way.

Jane from Rhode Island, USA:

I had a great time on the trip and I learned a lot. To begin with, I am much more comfortable with my equipment and use it more effectively. I also look at things differently now…especially small things that did not attract me before…and then look at it in relation to other things around it.

I learned to zoom in to narrow my view instead of always looking at everything as a grand scene…although I still love doing that too.

Sab validated the fact that I am allowed to (should) take A LOT of shots of something so that I can find the right image…something that drives my family insane.

I also learned a lot about Paris from Sab…stories about people and places and how to respond to those people and places. I have not been in Paris for 35 years so it was a fascinating, and well-worthwhile 4 hour journey. Thanks Sab!

William & Jessica from Belfast, Northern Ireland:

Got some great photographs, memories and inspiration. Sab gave us patience and technical suggestion.

Jessica is 12 and was very comfortable with the Instruction and Sab geared the experience to our needs exactly.

He gave us useful tips about getting around Paris and guided us to the Louvre. I heartily recommend Sab's tour.

Lynne from Sydney, Australia:

I had a great time on Wednesday morning.  You were the perfect tour guide for me, I learned so much about my new camera plus making my shots more interesting - I am looking for photo opportunities wherever I go.

Took about 250 in the morning with you then another 150 in Jardin de Luxemburg in the afternoon.

Can't thank you enough, you were so patient and laid back and kept things simple and not too technical.  Will send through 5 of my favourites as you asked.

Elena from Visaginas, Lithuania:

It wasn’t a photography lesson – we didn’t get down to much theory. It wasn’t a tour for we only walked a couple of blocks. It was a journey into street photography, from the moment the thought is conceived in the photographer’s mind – to the actual result which made me suppress the wish to clap my hands with excitement.

I had a feeling of being behind the scenes of an indie movie. We took pictures of the café table (round shapes), two pairs of legs, the very French shop sign reflected in an old scooter’s mirror, ourselves – fuzzy and out of focus, the signs on the pavement, shadows, walls and random people. It was almost surreal, an eye opener – so many things on a street, so many ways to photograph it, so many shades of meaning I might have missed but I didn’t this time, thanks to Sab. He has a great eye for detail, an amazing imagination, to listen to his brainstorming and witness his “seeing” process was an inspiration in itself.

I had a remarkable two-hour “Alice in Wonderland” journey where things you’re used to seeing take a different shape, texture, feel and the best thing is that you can capture it and take it away with you, a mugshot of a reality dimension, a mini–masterpiece if you’re lucky.

I am very grateful to Sab for this wonderful experience, it was hugely useful and encouraging. I saw a lot, I learnt a lot, mainly – how to see something special in a seemingly mundane picture and to convey it onto whatever digital means you have in a personally created way. Wonderful! It will stay with me for a long time and I will go back when I can, for more..

Janice from Arlington, Texas, USA:

Photo by friend of Janice'sIn a few words…I enjoyed the tour immensely!!!

Whether in Paris for business or pleasure, I always enjoy an opportunity to go out in search of Kodak moments while there. This time I only had one extra day before going on to the southwest of France to start my business week there, so I wanted to make the most of it and try to find areas that I hadn’t previously explored.

Finding myself the victim of jet lag at 3:00am in the morning, I started searching the web for suggestions. What initially caught my attention was the title of your website….. Paris Set Me Free. I’m sure there is a personal story behind the title you chose, but whether it is a declaration that this wonderful city of lights set you free to experience life at it’s fullest, or if it is meant to say that the magic of Paris is so powerful that you beg to be set free from it’s seduction, these four simple words instantly connected with me. So perhaps it was my delirium from lack of sleep, but I took a chance to ask if a “very last minute” tour could be possible. Much to my surprise and delight you were gracious enough to accommodate me!

The experience was perfect and turned out to be more than what I was expecting.

Since it was not my first time in Paris I didn’t have the pressure to visit all the usual tourist spots, so one of the things I appreciated most about the tour was just immersing ourselves in the flow and pulse of what we found around us while we walked.

One of the things I really took away from the tour was how essential a keen sense of observation and awareness is to capturing great shots. And I also learned not to agonize over the shot that you just aren’t quick enough to capture….there will be something else equally as interesting around the next corner.

The tips you gave me regarding the settings and use of my camera were invaluable. I’ve struggled with trying to learn about apertures, ISO’s, shutter speeds, etc. through books and such, but you explained it all very simply and easily. It finally clicked for me and for that, I will be forever grateful to you.

And some of the creative tricks you showed me….I’m having so much fun with them!

Another great feature is the way you individualize your tours to meet the expectations and objectives of each of your clients. It is so much more rewarding than a pre-planned tour and narrative.

And of course there was the sorbet….what can I say. We’ll just call it fuel for the photographer’s soul.

I have started following your blog and truly enjoy the video narratives you give about your photos. You make me feel like I am right there with you again! It’s really great, and would love to know what map application you use that allows you to click on a spot in the map that instantly gives you a visual of the location. That’s great!

I hope you enjoy your clients as much as we enjoy you. This comes from a selfish point of view, hoping that you will continue to do what you do so we can continue to learn and experience Paris through you! Thank you again, ever so much, for accommodating me at the last minute. I appreciated it more than you know.


Carolyne from Brisbane, Australia:

Sab was able to develop a tour to cater for my subject interest and photographic skill level.

His knowledge of the city was invaluable, and we were able to visit less photographed, tourist areas of Paris.

Sab's use of an iPhone to capture everyday street life scenes and his use of editing applications provided me with the incentive to use my iPhone as an alternative tool!

Sab has a great sense of humour, a thorough knowledge of Paris and can offer photographers of any level a tour to get the best photos of Paris! I look forward to my next trip to work with Sab!

Emilia & Hanybal from Sydney, Australia:

We absolutely loved it as it was something very different to the usual day tours that we have experienced before. We will definitely do it again covering a different area, next time we are in Paris.
This time round we covered the Montmartre area and it was such an inspiring area to take photos in and learn some basics around street photography. Apart from learning basic techniques we also learnt to be more aware of our surroundings and the wonderful little things that happen that could be totally everyday things but could make for a very interesting photograph.
We really enjoyed the tour because it was easy going and fun and we got to see the side of Montmartre that most tourists probably don't get to see. And we liked experiencing it from a local person's view point.
Definitely worth doing as it is a totally different experience.

Jennifer from Brisbane, Australia:

Loved the tour!  After I learned to really 'look' at my surroundings I then learned how better to capture it in a way that adds interest to a photo. Lots of little tips made a BIG difference for me.

Most importantly I will now compose my photos more carefully before simply clicking away and hoping for the best. Would love to do another photo walk with you.


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