The Riven Tree

There's a structure in Seville
Called the riven tree
That's not really its name
But it pleases me

It's got roots like the mountains
The trunk's split in three
Like three possible paths
Or three choices to be

One the route that was laid out
And some of us took

One the rebel within us
Which jumped off the hook

And one path we'll not know
Because life's full of choices

The riven tree's mouthing
With three silent voices

It's there to be heard
If you just take a look

'Twixt the orange grove vistas
And sly seņoritas
Cat walk fashionistas
Who sneer at my book

As I squint at the trunk
Spread-eagled in the breeze
And consider the myth
Of the riven trees

(original photo NOT by Sab Will for once, unfortunately, but I did play around with it...)





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