Jardin de Luxemburg

The tennis players break their balls
The chessmen make more subtle calls
The falling leaves must think it's autumn
I stretched out my hand and caught 'em

The summer's trying to struggle in
The sun's slight rays are paper thin
The tourists ask gendarmes a question
Salute smartly, give direction

The sculpture's arms are reaching skyward
Statue's breasts are stabbing eyeward
Folks are strolling left and right
All shapes and sizes, every height

Kids run wildly, scuffing shoes
Lovers love and poets muse
Tennis players break their balls
While chess men make more subtle calls

The Statue of Liberty looks worn out
The bees have nothing to buzz about
The little boy's red boat's stuck in the middle
The little boy's sister is having a piddle

The jogger's jog around and roundward
The Fountain of Medicis still slopes downward
Those famous chairs huddle in bunches
Some organised souls unpack lunches



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