Charlotte Adams Is Out Of The Office


Charlotte Adams is Out of the Office,
Out of her nightie
And out of her bed.
Sending out screeches
Down ripe rippled beaches:
The phone isn't ringing;
It's All in her Head...

Scarecrow Ward is Out of the Orifice,
Out of his furrowed field
Out of his shed.
Principles writhing,
Life notwithoutscything:
He’s scripting a fantasy;
Make Love Instead…

Pharaoh Will is Out of the Obelisk,
Out of his comfort zone
Out of his mind.
Thinks he's an oracle,
Waxing rhetorical:
Someone should tell him ;
He’s Boring us Blind…

Charlotte Adams is Back in the Office,
Back in her barracks
And back in her dread.
Life yawned asunder,
It just makes her wonder:
Is my boss breathing,
Or Greeting the Dead ?



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