Bridge Girl



To be alive,
There's just this one girl,
From the Pont des Arts,
The one with
That cute smile, with
That gauche sneaky grin
That sexy sin she oozes
Blues she hints at
In her misdemeanour
Yes, I mean her

She's the one
She's sucking up
To stakes I'm placing
She's unlacing
She's a mean one
On a loser's run
My fingers tracing
I'm a keen one




She's a lean one
Didn't mean to
Freak her, soothing down
We jean down


Pont des Arts girl
Cheeky sin smile
Doesn't realise
I'm poison,
Posing as a good one
Trying to be a true one


Give it up
For what we're feeling
Fooling, dealing
Doing nothing, seething, writhing
Drooling, fucking, fleeing, flying.,
Let the mind rule something


Time will sear your lying
Ways unless you heal
Your sacred haze
Is close
Let's meld
And we'll meet again




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