Them Leaves, Them

Sitting on a bench
Thinking of divorce
Autumn leaves are falling
Down, of course
Watching picky pigeons
Pass my feet
Beady eyes keening
For a bite to eat
Brittle like brandy-snap
Glimpse at the church
Happy crappy people
Leer and clap
Lurch and linger
Marching on
Memories are fickle
Faithless map
Checking out the dust
Between my toes
Thinking of religion
Had my dose
Hope, my darling
Here we are
Stars are gazing

Shining far
Stretch for a meaning
Reach for her
Now that I've found
I mustn't err

Thinking of saplings
Sturdy oaks
Musing over mistakes
Artist chokes
Things are picking
Up, of course
Collecting leaves
My daughter's passion
Sewing clothes
My lover's fashion
Drawing in
A nip and a tuck
A daughter's dream
A lover's luck
My mother's love
My father-rock
The leaves are falling
As I type
The dreams are calling
Will you wail?
The time is slipping
Like the pain
That slithers serpent
Down this drain
Just grab and do it now
Say the adverts slick
Dope, my darling
Veer and slap
But there is something
You should know
Love is the only
Way to go!
Jude you're paling

Hold me now
We're in this together
Tell me how
We'll beat the bastards
Break the waves
We'll whip the weirdoes
"Jesus Saves!"
We'll roll out carpets
For ourselves
We'll create a commune
On my shelves
We'll twist our rhymes
And not give a shit
And love loving people
Quite a bit
Me and daughter and lover
Listening to stuff like...
Pentangle ;-)
Brush the autumn leaves
Up in a bag
Hoick it over your shoulder
Feel it sag
Reel it in shove it out
From a bridge up high
Watch the autumn leaves
Wave a wan goodbye




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