Have To Whisper


Have to whisper
Keep our love
A secret place
A face that dare not
Whisper, it's our
Saving grace

A furtive dove
A lazy lisp
A whisper
In the classroom
Hand the homework in
A finger brushes
Skin is all I'm wearing
In my fantasy
It's her and me
She's thinking hard
The problem's tricky
Should she love me
Shout it out or
On the telephone
All alone
In a schoolgirl's bedroom
Touching something
Sticky smooth
House music soothes her
Into the groove
A finger rushes
Whispers in a
Voice so soft
My name, my name
It sounds like blushes
Crushing silence


Poetic licence
Homework dripping
In the classroom
Steal a glance
Eyelids heavy
Pupils prance
Hand the homework
Breathe in flesh
Drown in whispers
Faces slipping
Sticky smooth
Our hidden love
Is a pure disgrace
It's a crazy dance




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