You Fool You


You're so quiet, tonight,
My love... Have I said
Something to upset you?
And yet, you look,
Like a million euros,
In my book;
Your shimmering robe just
Melts in the sun;
You're second to none
In your transparent guise,
But I know all your tricks,
I'm too worldly unwise;
I've been there before, my eyes,
Shattered by glass
In a sick shameless scrabbling,
Kick in the arse;
I came down.

You're so passive, tonight,
My life... Have I said
Something to uncome you, some
Thing to unnerve
Your bubbling nature your
Unknown reserve
I'm drowning in amber, I'm
Lost in the dread, of a
Driver too loaded, that
Unholy swerve, that
Loss of a lover, that
Corner of lies; though
I've been there before, and
Your secrets are paling, my
Innocence railing against
Your audacity, paucity, scarcity:

You're so true, tonight,
My light… Have I said
Something to unleash you, some
Thing to release you, you're
Stripping my veins, and you're
Storming insane, like an
Unholy mission; a
Vengeance, a bane; as the
Clouds come unto me, I
Beg for my clarity;
Sing for my charity;
Order the bill, but
I've been there before,
As the sweet bouncer
Gives me a drink and
I drown.
And I drown.

And he shows me the door.



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