I live where the mice
Hide their crumbles of life
Where the cracks in the pavement
Hold humble delight

For the pigeons that peck
With their beady eyes bright
I advance, I retrace
Searching corners of lust

Where the cockroaches tumble
And termites alight
While the dog cocks his leg
As the bleeding day breaks

My iron will cruelly crushed
By the dust carts of strife
Between puddles of wishes
And dishes I face

Like a mountain of musts
On a cliff-face of kegs
I sink gracefully, drown
To the Silverfish Arms

Where life’s simple faces
Pour courses and dregs
Down a drain far too fast
Far too complex, too slight

I live where the rats
Scrape and scramble and race
Along tracks of a maze
In thin life-jackets straight

To the end of their days
With their eyes welded shut
I see lemmings that trek
And a mousetrap unjust




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