One Man Show


Tatterman go, Tatterman come
Tatterman tapping on his old tin drum
Lips move
Smile smooth
Slipping through the old groove
Nod his heavy head like he were dumb

Hear the voices they don't hear
Heed the calling, have no fear
Thin hair
Look at what the man wear
Cruising through the crowd like he were near


No-one see the Tatterman
So Tatterman go where Tatterman can
Littered like a grimy gutter
Battered by inclement clutter

Duck embittered chatter
From the Old Clan

Tatterman come an' Tatterman go
Rat-a-tat-tatting in his one-man-show
Gaze high
Eye sly
Hazy as the big sky
Looking for a place he maybe know



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