Mysterious Ways

A, B, C, D
Raped as a child before I was three
E, F, G H I J...
I love you

1, 2, 3, 4
Religion's knocking at my door
5, 6, 7 8 9 10...
I love you

Red, Orange, Yellow & Green
You could choke on this, but it's not obscene
Pink roses ramble crayon fields...
I love you

Indigo, Violent, Black & Blue
Swallow this, it's good for you
White clouds on wet wallpaper skies...
I love you

Sharp, Blunt, Acute, Obtuse
In the name of God, it's not abuse
Cut, Punch, Tear & Retch...
I love you

Arse-whip, ball-clip, crucify me
Now I know my A B C
Always take such care of me...
I love you



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