Isn't Life Wonderful?

(this is a parody, of which the original has sadly disappeared into the ether, but it was a poem by someone called 'Ralph' as part of a poetry group I used to run, and it was bad (the poem, not the group..) - so with apologies to Ralphy, but not for correcting his grammar mistakes, here it is, for what it's worth)

When a man lives with a woman
You see smiles on their faces
They hold hands tenderly all the time
And pick food from each other's embraces.

You don't really need words to express
What is deep inside of you
'Coz when you live with a woman
A swift slap round the face tells you what's in her heart too.

When the urge to poeticize hits you
There will be no problem for you to tell
Because your blood will be pumping very fast
And your heart beating like a bell.

Isn't life wonderful! - Commentary

Actually this was a terribly difficult exercise, because it was actually
extremely difficult to adapt one of his 'poems' without making it sound more
poetic than before, which wasn't the point of the exercise. If anyone can do
a better job than me, than I'd love to see it. Can we have a 'Write a Worse
Poem Than Ralph' competition?




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