I heard the moon screaming last night
Torn from a dream to nightmare life-like
Madness creeping
Loon-lit, seeping…
I’d annoyed a friend

I touched the black earth, scorched and seething
Crater-ridden, razed and reeling
Stumbled on, smashed
Limbs and branches
Pining for their youth

I breathed the green sea, choked in algae
Radiation reservoir
Whales a-beachin’
Dolphins screechin’
Tuna squirm uncouth

I saw the red moon, cowering
In rancid Earth’s unholy halo
Shame-face pock-mark
Blisters blood-stark
Writhing in the truth

I tasted winds in sugared forests
Raised in neutral soil and rain
So bio-bliss
Such friendly whispers…
I’d dozed off again




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