Awkward Corners in Well-Rounded Lives

Turned round suddenly
And caught the rest
Of my life, unawares
Peeping over my shoulder
I have to say
He quickly looked away

And the new buildings
Are going up
Across the way
New lives will soon
Be peering in
To my living room
And I have to say
I wonder what
They'll see Will it
Be bad Will it
Be sad Will it

When they look at me
Testing light switches
From room to gloom
And back again
They'll be wondering who
I might might be
I'll be wandering through
My floodlit sea
Mouths open & close
Slow goldfish chorus
Them and us

I'd be drying out fast
If they still used pitch
On the roofs of the buildings
Across the way

From the balcony
Of my lifestyle rich
I can see one third
Of the football pitch
Where they burnt a tyre
In the afternoon
Clad in gay attire
Coz the referee blew
His whistle too soon
For the fans true through

And the woman who
Across the way
Shakes her bedspread in
Bare arm dismay
Shakes her red hair out
Bare arms asplay
In a sacred act
In a simple way
In a cleansing fact
For the woman who

Happiness is just
A drop goal away

But the birds don't mind
Though some may say
They're too stupid to understand
About stuffy covers
And bastard refs
I say they're lucky
They sing their life
They whistle for love
Like a Morrisey song

But it won't be long
`Fore they show their strife
In a simple way
On your washing line
And I have to say
Rather yours than mine
As I gaze across
At your fleshy life

And they're filling in holes
Over the way
More fish-tank lives
Will come to pass
I'll be gazing in
At your Ikea

As the football cheers
Blow your life away
See you pitch your hopes
In a sad display
And the sick pervert
Across the way
With his arms akimbo
Legs asplay
Like a soul in limbo
What would his world say



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