Autumn's Call

And the trees shake their heads
As their golden tears drift
Past sly gazes that shift
As they slip by the hands
Of the ones who have not
Seen their fears pass them by
Shed the years they forgot
Felt the surgeon’s knife fly…

I am the leaves that fall
I read the autumn’s call

The cafes close their hearts
Invisible inside
Deserted terraces
Greet empty passages
Where wind devils abide
Rip through the paper rags
Where unseen people hide
Far from life’s caresses…

I am the leaves that fall
I heed the autumn’s call

Through tall windows ajar
Slide lazy words of ease
Hazy jokes at the bar
That linger on the breeze
After the restaurant
They take the taxi far
From those who always want
And things which do not please…

I am the leaves that fall
I feed the autumn’s call

The shoes that trail and trace
Some seconds of a life
Through scuffed carpet of flesh
Across my sun-stained face
May pause a moment brief
To watch the dusk descend
As dusty minutes mesh
Into the fading light…

I am the leaves that fall
I bleed the autumn’s call




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