Love On A Wire

My love is sneaky, creeps around
The number pad her playing ground
She slips in through the thin card slot
And speaks to me by wire

Never one to mess about
I track her down, I seek her out
No phone booth has not heard from me
But patience is required

Each time I cross a shady spot
Some hidey-hole in some grim plot
I spy the likely cabin
And I talk into the wire

I've found my love in lonesome lands
On stormy nights in cities bland
A gyroscope she's spinning
But I stalk her like wildfire

My mission is to see her face
To tempt her from her secret place
A fateful date will come to pass
We'll meet up on high wire

Until that day I'll seek the truth
This shadow man, her dogged sleuth
I'll scour the valleys daily
Sending telecom desire

My love lies where the phone lines greet
The corner of some sodden street
But now and then I'm lucky
And we whisper over wire



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