Have Known (Present Imperfect)

I have known evil:
I have killed a mouse.
A spineless, wimpish creature,
Much smaller than my kind.

I have known brighter days:
The bathroom light used to flicker,
As she passed;
Signs of life.

I have known sorrow:
My pint was spilt,
But not mopped up.
Yes, I have known sorrow.

I have seen light,
Seen national emblems
Pulsing with passion,
Pointless and pale.

Yes, I have known sorrow:
My blood was spilt,
That night fist met window,
Calmness' careful carcass cracked.

And yes, I have known love:
Long roses dripping,
Candles hanging,
Sellotape ripping,
Heartening sound,
And yes, I have, I have known love.




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