Daddy's Got A Willy!

Daddy's got a willy!
It helps him do his wee.
He needs to do one all the time
When he's drunk too much tea!

Girls have vaginas;
My daddy didn't know,
So I thought that I should tell him
At the play, in the front row.

Mummy's got a vagina too;
She's a girl like me.
Daddy's a boy and I'm a girl,
But no-one else can see.

It's really important not to show
Your willy to anyone,
Or your vagina if you're a girl,
Even if they say it's fun.

Peter took my clothes off
In his bedroom when we played;
Tried to touch me with his willy
And I didn't feel afraid!

Then mummy came in and looked strange;
I knew it wasn't right.
So I didn't let him touch me,
But my mummy went all white.
Daddy's got a ...
He said it wasn't his idea,
His friend showed him one day;
A girl not quite as old as me,
But now she's gone away.




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