Tree Light Bench

And here’s the tree
~ good tree ~ tall tree ~
Strong branches sheltering the bench,
The bench that basks below the light,
The light that warms the tree under
The rain, the rain, the rain.

And here’s the light
~ good light ~ bright light ~
Tall comfort for old friend the tree,
The tree that huddles round the bench,
That hears the lamp lament about
The chill, the chill, the chill.

And here’s the bench
~ good bench ~ strong bench ~
Bright paint a-gleaming in the light,
The lamp that lights a million leaves,
Green tears that fall upon the bench
At night, at night, at night.

And here’s the man
~ sad man ~ small man ~
Leans back against the good tall tree
(that whispers secrets to the wind),
Looks up into the good bright light
(where rushing raindrops dart and dance),
Lies down upon the good strong bench
(thin pillow tears beneath his head),
And waits, and waits, and waits, and waits, and waits…




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