The Hundred Hungers

I can spy a million miners
Leading million minor lives
Busy buzzy little miners
Making happy in their hives

I can hear a thousand thunders
Heavy thoughts crash overhead
Voices veer in union subtle
Useless paths that lead to led

I can taste a hundred hungers
Something simmers in the mist
But how to know what savour spells
Lie slyly low beyond a tryst

I can scent a dozen dangers
Sudden corners cloak a claw
Snouting round for signs of safety
Shy from changes under paw

I can feel a single signal
Probing airwave prying out
Mingle finger sending something
Some thing I should think about

I have seen the miners burrow
Heard the thunder in my mind
Tasted famine, waster wonder
Skirted danger, wandered blind

I know now that sense is nonsense
Thinking thugs we scour the dust
Dying for a role that suits us
Roll the die and come what must




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