For Eric

(Eric is [was, alas] Olive's little canary, chirping away, sadly still behind bars, in a relatively unrusty cage somewhere in deepest, darkest Greece - I have to admit I feel a bit sorry for him...) (and it's also about... )

Tweet tweet, chirp chirp
Sitting in his cage
Eric the canary
Working up a rage

Sun too strong
And the light too bright
Can't seem to make out
Day from night

Up creeps a rose
Sneaks out a thorny branch
Pries Eric's door open
Will he see his chance?

Lots of little roses
Beam at him with glee
Little faces urging
`Flee, Eric, flee!'

Twitter twitter, cheep cheep
Eric's on the ledge
Beak against the bars now
Teet'ring on the edge

Sun too fierce
And the light too strong
Can't seem to shake out
Right from wrong

Up hops a Scarecrow
Sticks out a straw
`Grab a ride with me, lad
Here, gimmie a claw

We'll fly the fields together,
I'll sketch you skies so pure
Then I'll take you to my Muddy patch
To cool our stakes for sure.'

Chatter chatter, tweep tweep
Eric's peeking out
Swallows looking sweet today
Makes him wanna shout

Sun so high
And the light blinding
Can't seem to focus
As the church bells ring

Up strolls the Farmer
Chewing on a twig
Never seen his Eric
Looking quite so big

Now's the time to fly, boy,
Today's the day to say:
`I've had enough of rusty bars -
I'm gonna seize the day!'

Chipper chipper, peep peep
Eric takes a plunge
Flutter-stutters, moans an' mutters
Makes a final lunge

Sun just winks
And the light just sighs
Can't seem to joke
As the feathers rise

Up pops an olive tree
Waiting for the day
When some small soul will make her whole
By stopping on his way

And clutching tiny golden claws
Around her limbs so true
Looks all about and lets it out:
`I will remember you!'

Chirp chirp, tweet tweet
Smiling in the shade
Eric the canary
Drinking lemonade

Sunshine chases
And the light gives in
Can't seem to take out
What's deep within


( ...alcoholism)




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