Fancy A Swift Half?

"This glass, half-full, or half-empty?"
(The drunkard to the priest)
"I will not talk of lowly things
Well, not with you at least."

"My soul's wherefore, heaven or hell?"
(The drunkard takes a sip.)
"To hell you're bound, without a doubt,"
(And priest a smile lets slip.)

"So just remind me one more time,
What makes you better than me."
(The priest looks cross and bows his head)
"That's for the Lord to see."

"Now tell me this, empty or fool?"
(And drunk the last drop downs)
"You've just answered your own question,"
(Smirks priest, and turns around.)

"You're right all right," (sighs drunk an' laughs,)
"It's empty as your soul.
But full of your foolish hot air,
Now hear carillon toll."




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