The phone rings, it's her again
With orders for her daddy
She wants mousy cheese
The one with holes
Big enough to swallow up
All her childish dreams
And a messy chocolate egg
So sweet
It hides the bitter truth
That daddy lives
Where the big train goes
And she needs bright stickers
To hold together
Her ripped up little life

The phone rings again, and it's her
With orders for her daddy
She wants some wine
From better times
To recall or forget
And a bottle of that cream
That smoothes out wrinkles
Like no other
And don't forget
Those catalogues
That came for her last month
Full of this year's colours
At last year's address
That I said
Were hanging around

The phone rings and it's her again
With kisses for her daddy
Who's coming on the big train
For her very special day
When my sweet Misty will have spent
Three years in this strange place
Who knows what the next three will bring
For her or for her daddy



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