Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones had
Amazing eyes;
I was stupid,
Half-young, half unwise,

I was on my back,
I was hypnotised,
By those obscene, sea-green
Love-me eyes.

I was doing some work
For the National Trust,
When across my path
That gaze did thrust.

I was building walls-
They turned to dust;
In the searing heat
Of her lazy lust.

Two drowning pools,
Two ways to die;
Two mossy fields,
In which to lie;

Too late to hide,
Too blind to cry;
So sweet to meet
Viridian sky.

She was Welsh, she was wicked,
I was unprepared;
She was quite aware
I was running scared.

She was dragon-spawn,
I was in her lair;
Two emerald coals
Held me ensnared.

She wasn’t unknown
To the local guys;
They’d felt the flash,
They’d fantasized.

Some leapt off bridges,
Others just died
In attempts to attract
Those liquid eyes.

They wore dark glasses,
Employed clones,
Huddled in buildings,
Rented homes,

But none had broached
Her brittle bones;
Not one had kissed
Sweet Jenny Jones.

So came she thus
Upon my path;
She made me shy,
I made her laugh,

And for three short nights,
Round a cosy hearth,
I wallowed in
That warm eye-bath.

And yes, I kissed
Sweet Jenny J!
In a fiery bliss,
Till the break of day,

I was mesmerised,
I was blown away,
Like a gull in
A gusty ocean spray.

But a Gwynedd gal,
Was not to be;
She belonged to the hills,
To the waves and the breeze…

If an angel I had,
Now Jenny she'd seize,
And Jenny, she'd send
Straight unto me.

She’d lay her down,
With her eyes ablaze,
In the grass, on a hill
Through a golden haze,

And I’d drown again,
In the glory days,
Of my sweet pea
Green-eyed Jenny’s gaze.




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