Friendly Photo Critiques !

If you enjoy Sab's positive and encouraging photo critiques on the Paris Set Me Free - Photo Blog, then why not send him some of your own pictures for the same treatment?

Any images similar to those on this site are welcome, including urban architecture, nature in the city, strange coincidences, unexpected discoveries, stolen portraits, funny happenings and the abstract compositions and the darker side of the city.

Sab will comment on three of your creative images at a time, including:

  • detailed and friendly analysis via video
  • your photos published on the PSMF Photo Blog!
  • text notes on strong points and action points

Please bear in mind the following points when submitting your photos:

1) You must have full rights over the images you send in, including the right to publish the images of anyone or anything which appears in the photos.

2) You agree to your images being published on the Paris Set Me Free - Photo Blog.

3) You need to supply your full name so that we can put a copyright notice under your image. But you specify how you want that to look.

4) Please also send in a bit of blurb about yourself quoting your home town, country, where the images were taken and what they mean to you to make the analysis more interesting and relevant.

5) All payment should be through the Paypal secure on-line payment system.

Payment Options

3 photos analysed: €35 =>  
3 x 3 photos analysed: €95 (save €10) =>  

Submitting Your Photos

Once you have completed the payment process above you can send your photos here:

Don't forget to include all the information required in 3) and 4) above!

If you have any questions or comments about the Paris Set Me Free photo critiques you can send us a quick message using the form below, but make sure your e-mail address is correct or we won't be able to get back to you!

We look forward to seeing your photographic masterpieces!

(P.S. Anyone who has been on one of my photo tours automatically has the right to submit up to three Paris photos for a free analysis!)

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