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  ~ Part 1 - 'Equipment' ~

NOTE - This is a new course - there is currently very little content! Please visit the Photo Blog to read the latest lessons - THANK YOU!

The stuff you need

You don't need much stuff to get started in photography - 10/$10/10 will get you a cheap throwaway camera... but some people spend many thousands. These lessons will help get you started.

  • What is photography?
  • The photographer's toolbox
  • Discovering 'The Eye'

The camera

The most essential piece of equipment, let's be honest! But the possibilities are enormous. An introduction.

  • The plastic throwaway
  • The point 'n' shoot
  • The bridge camera
  • The SLR (single lens reflex)

The tripod

A vital piece of equipment for serious photographers, especially for landscapes and night work.

The flash

The filters

The computer

The printer

The website


Shutter speed



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